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Practicing Regenerative Agriculture with Ron and Maureen Bula
Watch the video on the Baraboo Public Library YouTube channel
Ron and Maureen Bula, proprietors of Bula's Pleasant Valley Farm, tell us about the benefits of regenerative farming–for the consumer who receives delicious food packed with nutrients, the farmer whose bottom line improves with regenerative practices, and the environment that is protected and improved through the use of common sense methods of growing food.
Monarch Butterfly Biology and Conservation
Watch the video on the Baraboo Public Library YouTube channel
Dr. Karen Oberhauser, Director of the UW-Madison Arboretum, discusses Monarch Butterfly biology - life cycle, nutrition and habitat needs, and migration patterns - as well as the environmental threats faced by Monarchs, and the conservation measures being taken to support their survival. Learn how you can get involved in protecting this unique and valuable creature!
This virtual presentation, co-sponsored by the Baraboo Public Library and the Sauk County Master Gardener Association, is part of the 2020 Baraboo Seed Library program series.
Many thanks to Dr. Oberhauser, the UW-Madison Arboretum, and the UW-Madison Badger Talks program for coordinating this presentation.
Links to Monarch Conservation efforts described by Dr. Oberhauser:
Journey North citizen science program
Monarch Butterfly Integrated Monitoring
Monarch Joint Venture to protect monarch migration
Contact Karen Oberhauser if you have questions about Monarch biology or conservation: koberhauser@wisc.edu
“Carbon and the Environment” YouTube presentation
Watch the presentation on YouTube
Download the additional information mentioned in the presentation.
Baraboo News Republic, December 6, 2019
Read the article online: Taking action: Climate meeting draws 60 Baraboo area residents to coordinate efforts

Our Definitions

Greenhouse gas emissions(GHG):
Carbon dioxide and other chemical compounds that contribute to global climate change directly or indirectly. The three largest sources of GHG emissions are surface transportation, electricity consumption, and natural gas consumption.
Baraboo area:
Roughly the area served by the Baraboo school district (City of Baraboo, West Baraboo, surrounding townships)
Carbon net zero:
Achieving net zero carbon dioxide emissions by balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal (often through carbon offsetting) or simply eliminating carbon emissions altogether.